P Present Tense
H Present Habitual Tense
R Remote Past Tense
I Imperative
Inf Infinitive
F Future

Complexed Verbs

"A" Class

go over there -gat- P, H, R, I
hear someone -atvgi- P
play it -anelohvs- P

"B" Class

tired -yawe- P, R
work -lvwistane- P, H, R, I

Classifying Verbs

eat it -gi- P
give it -hneh- P
have it -h- P


to ask a question -tvti-
to buy it -wahis-
to fish -asu-
to go -envs-
to help -(li)sde(lv)-
to learn it -delogwas-
to see it -gowadv-
to speak it -wonihis-

Verb Studies

gv- "I to you" pronoun prefixes
sgi- "you to me" pronoun prefixes
Passive voice

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