Forming Nouns In Cherokee.

Passive nouns express something that can be possessed and not a trait

(see: Active Nouns).

Root noun beginning in consonant


ᎠᎩᏥ - agi-tsi my mother

ᏣᏥ - tsa-tsi your mother

ᎤᏥ - u-tsi his/her mother

ᎢᎩᏂᏥ - igini-tsi our mother (the two of us)

ᏍᏗᏥ - sdi-tsi your mother (the two of you)

ᎣᎩᏥ - ogi-tsi our (not your) mother (the two of us)

ᎢᎩᏥ - igi-tsi our (including you) mother

ᎣᏥᏥ - otsi-tsi our (not your) mother

ᎢᏥᏥ - itsi-tsi your mother (all inclusive)

ᎤᏂᏥ - uni-tsi their mother

Root noun beginning in vowel


ᎠᏉᏰᏂ - agw-oyeni my hand

ᏦᏰᏂ - ts-oyeni your hand

ᎤᏬᏰᏂ - uwoyeni his/her hand

ᏗᎩᏃᏰᏂ - digin-oyeni our hands (the two of us)

ᏗᏍᏙᏰᏂ - disd-oyeni your hands (the two of you)

ᏙᏂᏃᏰᏂ - dogin-oyeni our (not your) hands (the two of us)

ᏗᎪᏰᏂ - dig-oyeni our hands (all inclusive)

ᏙᎪᏰᏂ - dog-oyeni our (not your) hands

ᏗᏦᏰᏂ - dits-oyeni your hands (all inclusive)

un-oyeni their hand

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