"A" Class Pronouns:

(Used with verbs beginning
with a consonant.)

tsi- (I)
hi- (you)
a- (he/she/it)

ini- (you and I)
sdi- (you two)
osdi- (s/he and I)

Plural (more than two)
idi- (we - including you)
otsi- (we - not including you)
itsi- (you)
ani- (they)
(Note: pronouns beginning with
"o" mean 'you not included'.)

Cherokee "A" Class Verb



Present Tense

ᏥᏴᎢᎭ tsiyv'iha I am entering it.
ᎠᏴᎯᎭ ayvhiha s/he, it is entering it.

Habitual Tense

ᏥᏴᎰᎢ tsiyvho'i I enter it.
ᎠᏴᎰᎢ ayvho'i s/he, it enters it.

Remote Past Tense

ᎠᎩᏴᎸᎢ agiyvhlv'i I entered it.
ᎤᏴᎸᎢ uyvhlv'i s/he, it entered it.


ᎠᎩᏴᏍᏗ agiyvsdi I - to enter it.
ᎤᏴᏍᏗ uyvsdi s/he, it - to enter it


ᎯᏴᎭ! hiyvha! Enter!
ᏍᏗᏴᎭ! sdiyvha! You two enter!