The "A" class verb 'walk' in present tense.

Root verb -a-

ᎦᎢ g-a-i I am walking

ᎭᎢ h-a-i you are walking

ᎠᎢ a-i he/she/it is walking

ᎢᎾᎢ in-a-i the two of us (including you) are walking

ᏍᏓᎢ sd-a-i you two are walking

ᎣᏍᏓᎢ osd-a-i the two of us (not including you) are walking

ᎢᏓᎢ id-a-i we (including you) all are walking

ᎣᏣᎢ ots-a-i we (not including you) all are walking

ᎢᏣᎢ its-a-i you all are walking

ᎠᎾᎢ an-a-i they are walking


ᎦᎢᏐᎢ g-a'i-so'i I walk

ᎭᎢᏐᎢ h-a'i-so'i you walk

ᎠᎢᏐᎢ a'i-so'i he/she/it walks

ᎢᎾᎢᏐᎢ in-a'i-so'i the two of us (including you) walk

ᏍᏓᎢᏐᎢ sd-a'i-so'i you two walk

ᎣᏍᏓᎢᏐᎢ osd-a'i-so'i the two of us (not including you) walk

ᎢᏓᎢᏐᎢ id-a'i-so'i we (including you) all walk

ᎣᏣᎢᏐᎢ ots-a'i-so'i we (not including you) all walk

ᎢᏣᎢᏐᎢ its-a'i-so'i you all walk

ᎠᎾᎢᏐᎢ an-a'i-so'i they walk

Remote Past

ᎦᎢᏒᎢ  g-a'i-sv'i I walked

ᎭᎢᏒᎢ h-a'i-sv'i you walked

ᎠᎢᏒᎢ a'i-sv'i he/she/it walked

ᎢᎾᎢᏒᎢ in-a'i-sv'i the two of us (including you) walked

ᏍᏓᎢᏒᎢ sd-a'i-sv'i you two walked

ᎣᏍᏓᎢᏒᎢ osd-a'i-sv'i the two of us (not including you) walked

ᎢᏓᎢᏒᎢ id-a'i-sv'i we (including you) all walked

ᎣᏣᎢᏒᎢ ots-a'i-sv'i we (not including you) all walked

ᎢᏣᎢᏒᎢ its-a'i-sv'i you all walked

ᎠᎾᎢᏒᎢ an-a'i-sv'i they walked


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