The "B" class verb 'know something' in present tense.

Root verb -anvt-

ᎠᏆᏅᏔ agw-an(v)t-a I know.

ᏣᏅᏔ ts-an(v)t-a you know.

ᎤᏅᏔ un(v)t-a he/she/it knows.

ᎩᎾᏅᏔ gin-an(v)t-a the two of us (including you) know.

ᏍᏓᏅᏔ sd-an(v)t-a you two know.

ᎣᎩᏅᏔ ogin-an(v)t-a the two of us (not including you) know.

ᎢᎦᏅᏔ ig-an(v)t-a we all (including you) know.

ᎣᎦᏅᏔ og-an(v)t-a we all (not including you) know.

ᎢᏣᏅᏔ its-an(v)t-a you all know.

ᎤᎾᏅᏔ un-an(v)t-a they know.

Present Habitual

ᎠᏆᏅᏙᎢ agw-an(v)t-o'i I know.

ᏣᏅᏙᎢ ts-an(v)t-o'i you know.

ᎤᏅᏙᎢ un(v)t-o'i he/she/it knows.

ᎩᎾᏅᏙᎢ gin-an(v)t-o'i the two of us (including you) know.

ᏍᏓᏅᏙᎢ sd-an(v)t-o'i you two know.

ᎣᎩᎾᏅᏙᎢ ogin-an(v)t-o'i the two of us (not including you) know.

ᎢᎦᏅᏙᎢ ig-an(v)t-o'i we all (including you) know.

ᎣᎦᏅᏙᎢ og-an(v)t-o'i we all (not including you) know.

ᎢᏣᏅᏙᎢ its-an(v)t-o'i you all know.

ᎤᎾᏅᏙᎢ un-an(v)t-o'i they know.

Practice Sentences

1. ᎨᏍᎢ ᏯᏆᏅᏔ ᎦᏙᎲ ᎥᎩᎪᏩᏘᎭ Gesdi yagwanta gadohv vgigowatiha.
I don't know why he is looking at me.

2. ᏣᏅᏔᏍ? Tsantas?
Do you know?

3. ᎤᏅᏔ ᎠᏗᎭ. Unta adiha.
He says he knows.

4. ᎢᏳᏛᏁᏗ ᎣᎦᏅᏙᎢ. iyudvnedi oganto'i.
We know what to do.

5. ᏍᏓᏅᏔᏍ ᎦᏙ ᎠᏛᏁᎭ? Sdantas gado advneha?
Do you two know what he is doing?


ᎦᏙᎲ - gadohv - why
ᎥᎩᎪᏩᏘᎭ - vgigowatiha - s/he is looking at me
Verb Study ᎠᏗᎭ - adiha - s/he is saying

Remote Past

ᎠᏆᏅᏛᎢ agw-ant-v'i I knew it.

ᏣᏅᏛᎢ ts-ant-v'i you knew it.

ᎤᏅᏛᎢ unt-v'i he/she/it knew it.

ᎩᎾᏅᏛᎢ gin-ant-v'i the two of us (including you) knew it.

ᏍᏓᏅᏛᎢ sd-ant-v'i you two knew it.

ᎣᎩᎾᏅᏛᎢ ogin-ant-v'i the two of us (not including you) knew it.

ᎢᎦᏅᏛᎢ ig-ant-v'i we all (including you) knew it.

ᎣᎦᏅᏛᎢ og-ant-v'i we all (not including you) knew it.

ᎢᏣᏅᏛᎢ its-ant-v'i you all knew it.

ᎤᎾᏅᏛᎢ un-ant-v'i they knew it.

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