The "A" class verb 'say/utter it'. Root verb -we-
This verb is also used to express animal utterances such as meow, bark, whinny, etc.

Present Tense

ᏂᏥᏪᎠ - nitsi-we-a I am saying/uttering it.

ᏂᏪᎠ - hni-we-a you are saying/uttering it. Verb Breakdown

ᏂᎦᏪᎠ - niga-we-a he/she/it is saying/uttering it.

ᏂᏂᏪᎠ - nini-we-a the two of us (including you) are saying/uttering it.

ᏂᏍᏗᏪᎠ - nisdi-we-a you two are saying/uttering it.

ᏃᏍᏗᏪᎠ - nosdi-we-a the two of us (not including you) are saying/uttering it.

ᏂᏗᏪᎠ - nidi-we-a we all (including you) are saying/uttering it.

ᏃᏥᏪᎠ - notsi-we-a we all (not including you) are saying/uttering it.

ᏂᏥᏪᎠ - nitsi-we-a you all are saying/uttering it.

ᎾᏂᏪᎠ - nani-we-a they are saying/uttering it.

Present Habitual

ᏂᏥᏪᏍᎪᎢ - nitsi-wesg-o'i - I say/utter it.

ᏂᏪᏍᎪᎢ - hni-wesg-o'i - you say/utter it.

ᏂᎦᏪᏍᎪᎢ - niga-wesg-o'i - he/she/it says/utters it.

ᏂᏂᏪᏍᎪᎢ - nini-wesg-o'i - the two of us (including you) say/utter it.

ᏂᏍᏗᏪᏍᎪᎢ - nisdi-wesg-o'i - you two say/utter it.

ᏃᏍᏗᏪᏍᎪᎢ - nosdi-wesg-o'i - the two of us (not including you) say/utter it.

ᏂᏗᏪᏍᎪᎢ - nidi-wesg-o'i - we all (including you) say/utter it.

ᏃᏥᏪᏍᎪᎢ - notsi-wesg-o'i - we all (not including you) say/utter it.

ᏂᏥᏪᏍᎪᎢ - nitsi-wesg-o'i - you all say/utter it.

ᎾᏂᏪᏍᎪᎢ - nani-wesg-o'i - they say/utter it.

Practice Sentences

1. ᎦᎶᎯᏍᏗ ᏱᏥᏍᏚᎲᏍᎪᎢ ᏂᎦᏪᏍᎪᎢ Ꮎ ᎩᎵ. Galohisdi yitsisduhvsgo'i nigawesgo'i na gili.
Whenever I close the door that dog barks.

2. ᎦᏙ ᏂᏍᏗᏪᎠ? Gado nisdiwe'a?
What are you two saying?

3. ᏏᏆᏍᎪ ᏂᎦᏪᎠ? Sigwasgo nigawe'a?
Is the pig oinking?

4. ᏥᏍᏆᏯ ᎾᏂᏪᏍᎪᎢ ᏧᎩᏨᏅᏓ. Tsisgwaya naniwesgo'i tsugitsvnvda.
The sparrows chirp everyday.


ᎦᎶᎯᏍᏗ - galohisdi - the door
ᏱᏥᏍᏚᎲᏍᎪᎢ - yi-tsi-sduhvsg-o'i - if/when I close it
Verb Breakdown ᏥᏍᏆᏯ - tsisgwaya - sparrow
ᏧᎩᏨᏅᏓ - tsugitsvnvda - everyday


ᏂᏫ! hniwi! - [you] Say it!

ᏂᏍᏗᏫ! nisdiwi! - [you two] Say it!

ᏂᏥᏫ! nitsiwi! - [you all] Say it!