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101 Cherokee Verbs!
Many new verbs have been added recently to the Verb Table pages that include all five stems!
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ᎤᏉᎴᎦ ukwolega - S/he is unlucky in hunting; has no luck hunting.
ᎥᏍᎩᎾ ᎠᏍᎦᏯ ᎤᏙᏓᏆᏓ ᎠᏫ ᎤᏃᎭᎵᏙᎴᎢ ᎠᏎᏃ ᎤᏉᎸᏒᎢ. - That man went deer hunting all day but had no luck.

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The "Reportative" ending "-e'i" on Cherokee verbs replaces other tense endings such "v'i" and and "o'i". It is often used in stories and indicates that the speaker did not actually witness the events being told. As a past tense form it carries the idea of "this is what I was told" or "this is what I heard". Note that it is also used to negate a verb with "gesdi" (E) or "tla" (W). The ᎡᎢ "e'i" syllables are used in this suffix. In colloquial speech the final 'i' is usually dropped.

ᎤᏴᏣ ᎨᏎᎢ (uyvtsa gese'i) "it was cold, I was told."
ᎤᏬᏂᏎᎢ (uwonise'i) "s/he spoke, so I heard."
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Learn the Cherokee Language!

This web site is for Cherokee language learners at the intermediate-beginner level and above who've progressed beyond colors and simple nouns and are looking for material that's a little more advanced. It is recommended to have learned the some basic words, and a few basics of Cherokee grammar and how Cherokee verbs are used, and are (mostly) familiar with the Cherokee Syllabary since a lot of the material on this site is presented in syllabary.

There are several simple dialogues and also some more advanced stories on this site, all with vocabulary glosses included. In addition, you will find some basic explanations of Cherokee grammar and Verb Pages with many verbs conjugated with all five tense stems. (Working on getting all of them fleshed out!). Additionally, there are a few podcasts available to help with the sounds of Cherokee.

The Cherokee represented on this site, especially in the dialogues, is mostly the Eastern version spoken on the Qualla Boundary in North Carolina. However many of the Storyteller stories are from Oklahoma Cherokee sources.

The Raven Rock Dictionary was originally published in 2015 as the first ever user-friendly dictionary realization of the word list in Duane King's 1975 dissertation on the Eastern Cherokee dialect of the Qualla Boundary. Verbs are shown with their five tense stems as in D. Feeling's & W. Pulte's workhorse Cherokee-English Dictionary.
The Raven Rock Cherokee-English Dictionary is currently out of print while it is being revised and updated but you can still download a free PDF of the most current revision of the RRD using this link: Click here
The words and definitions from the Raven Rock Dictionary are included in the Cherokee Online Dictionary and are indicated by a light blue tab with " rrd " to the left of the entry. To navigate to it to the Cherokee Online Dictionary, Click Here.

Please send feedback or information regarding corrections to the dictionary to info@culturev.com

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